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Believing~ In~ Yourself

Believing~ In~ Yourself

Hello everyone my name is Denicka I'm ready to share this exciting journey that's going on in my life~ I'm 44 years old with a lot to say I don't even know where to start so I just started writing~ This is a new world for me and what's life if you don't have a good story with ups and downs to get you where your going or what your trying to achieve~ walking in faith played a major part in my life to make this happen~ now I'm sharing my gift to the world and walking closer to God~ I wouldn't suggest you walking off your job this is my journey~ I tell you one thing  having faith will bring out talents you never thought you had to show~ then it's like a fairytale that came true unfolding the joyful you~ enjoy unwind  have a wonderful day and let your light always shine in you~





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