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Natural Eczema Comfort Cre’me

Natural Eczema Comfort Cre’me

This all natural healing ECZEMA CRE’ME is a gentle way to  the skin barrier while also taming inflammation, naturally and remarkable for all skin types dealing with different skin disorders like eczema, poison ivy, psoriasis, dry itchy and irritated skin….plus more it quickly absorbs into the skin leaving a smooth silky feel with a neutral , pleasant smell of lavender. This cream helps greatly with itchiness and flare ups.

My daughter has eczema so I continue to research until I came up with a natural cream that could help her right out of any insecurities when it came to her skin as a mother I wanted to help her deeply and started began to research and came up with this extraordinary natural handmade cream with joyful energy, ingredients and love.

You want be disappointed only grateful for letting this ECZEMA CRE’ME  help your skin and put a big smile on your face with gratitude.



Use as needed day and night to address flare-ups and itchiness and it's made in the USA by me.

All natural ingredients shea butter, lavender, jojoba, sweet almond, rosehip and chamomile.

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